Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Sin Neutral Clothing - Coming Soon!

The Prayer Offset Scheme is proud to announce a new range of clothing and other items will soon be on sale, with special discounts for Prayer Offset Scheme members.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The "Close to Godliness" Mechanism

Prayer offsetting - offered as part of a "sin neutral" lifestyle - has gained appeal and momentum mainly among sinners in western countries who have become aware and concerned about the potentially negative spiritual effects of their sin intensive lifestyles. Prayer Offsets are a way for individuals to earn prayer credits which can be traded on a prayer marketplace.

The Prayer Offset Scheme has established the Close to Godliness Mechanism (CGM), which validates and measures projects to ensure they produce authentic benefits and are genuinely "additional" penance activities that would not otherwise have been undertaken. Individuals that have difficulty meeting their Penance Quota are able to offset by buying CGM-approved Certified Penance Reductions. The CGM encourages projects that involve, for example, missions, prayer meetings, and religious rallies.

Prayer Offsets are cheaper & more convenient than the alternative.

But who wants to consider the alternative.

Prayer Offset Scheme

A prayer offset is a spiritual instrument representing a reduction in required penance for sins. Different riligions generate different offsets. For example, Catholic Prayer offsets are measured in Hail Mary Equivalent (HME's). One prayer offset represents the reduction of 10 Hail Mary Equivalent points (10 HME), with its equivalent also calculated in other forms of religious penance offsets.

There are two primary markets for prayer offsets. In developed countries, individuals, communities, churches or other entities buy prayer offsets in order to comply with the total amount of penance they are required to undertake to mitigate their own required penance for sins, ranging from taking the Lord's name in vain, through to Mortal Sins including perjury, adultery, lust, murder, contraceptive use, and abortion.

Developing countries can take advantage of Prayer Offset Scheme either as individuals, in their local communities and churches, or even as a form of local industry. Individuals can sign up to become Prayer Partners, and are compensated for taking on the Prayer Load from developed countries.

Prayer Partners add your penance to their own Prayer Load, praying for your soul, allowing you to live your life in the glory of God.